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Juan Llossas
    Né à Barcelone le 27 juillet 1900. Installé à Berlin en 1923. Mort le 21 mai 1957 à Salzbourg.  
    Pianiste. Compositeur. Chef d'orchestre. Arrangeur.
    Il s'est installé à Berlin en 1923. Et en raison de son succès, il y est resté. On l'a surnommé "Tango King from Barcelone", ou "The German Tango King". Il travaillait dans une radio pour laquelle il devait composer un tango par semaine, ce qui explique sa production prolifique...

Juan Llossas was a bandleader, composer and arranger who was most active in Germany, and where he was most popular.. He had to write one new tango each week, rehearse it with a 44-piece-orchestra, and present it live on air. Hundreds of the most beautiful tangos in the world bear this Spaniard's signature. Known as the 'German King of Tango', Llossas set world standards, especially when he worked at British Forces Network BFN in Hamburg. His weekly Radio-Show 'Tango Time' was heard all over the World via BBC. Here's a photo of Juan Llossas, whose early years were spent in central and South America. In 1923, he relocated to Berlin. There he studied at the 'musikhochschule' music while also working nights as a musician. In 1925, he formed his own first band for a residency at the Eden Hotel Roof Garden. From there he went on to play at all the larger restaurants of Berlin (Casanova, Delphi Palace, Femina, Europa Spiegelsaal, Berolina, and others). Listen now to the Juan Llossas Orchester playing "Du Bist Nicht Die Erste", (483 kb)."You Are Not The First" (composer: Walter Jurmann, - Rudolph Bernauer). with vocal by Leo Monosson. This 'schlager' was first heard in the film "Ihre Majestät - Die Liebe" (1931).

After World War II ended, Llossas was predominantly active in the Hamburg area, where, among other things, his orchestra was heard on the English Military Radio BFN. Over his career, he recorded many times and even composed some songs, including such compositions as "Tango Bolero", "My Beautiful" and "O Ms Grete" (both co-composed with Beda), "Blond Clara" (co-composed with Rotter), etc.

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